Human Body Shop

This project called "Human Body Shop" was exhibited in the Museum City Tenjin '96, installed in the city space, Fukuoka. A garage was constructed in a parking lot, which displayed my works in similar structure a merchandises in shops front-windows. In the back of this window, you could watch video-images from interviews recorded outside in the local area. 4 billboards of "Human Body Shop" were installed outside. The installation had ten buttons you could push in the front so you could blink the price tag of each organ, move around the models of the organs, and play the videos.

The first room had a large photography of a dissolved male body, with an attached price tag on each part. The second room showed the video interviews; asking different people what parts of the body they dislike and what parts they would like to change (To what extent are we allowed to reorganize our bodies for beauty and health?)

However, some inhabitants complained to the organizer to stop showing this installation because of immoral aspects of the exhibition. TV-news and newspapers also reported on these issues and later the organizer decided to keep the door to the shop window closed, so people who wanted to see the show had to ask for keys first.

General view
We buy clothes, objects outside of body, and sell them sometimes. Then, however, can we buy/sell internal organs? Be carful not to be seduced by a smiling nurse.............. trading of human organs is illegal !!!