Tokyo today is confronting the increased number of crows. They are quite serious risks of human life and the environment. Against this situation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting actions to eliminate the damage caused by crows on daily lives of people in Tokyo. As a direct measure, traps have been set up in various places in Tokyo. Within the three years up to March 2005, they caught 55,000 crows, and removed nests during the breeding season.

Background image is photo of Iwo jima. Iwo Jima is a volcanic island in Tokyo, part of the Volcano Islands (the southern part of the Ogasawara Islands). The Battle of Iwo jima was fought between the United States and Imperial Japan during the Pacific Campaign of World War II. As a result of the battle, the United States gained control of the island of Iwo Jima, and the airfields located there. Japan suffered a heavy loss; about 21,000 Japanese troops were entrenched on the island, and only 200 survived. The victory of the U.S. at Iwo Jima was another step towards the main islands of Japan.

Sound track is old radio program of Japanese propaganda from RADIO TOKYO called ZERO HOUR against the United States forces in the South Pacific during World War II which was broadcasted by Tokyo Rose.