GOZOKU KYOWA (Five Ethno Concord/5 nation)


On 1st March,1932, Manchuria unceremoniously emerged as a nation in the North-eastern area of China , and on 18th August in 1945 it abruptly disappeared. Its history lasted only 13years and 5months.

Manchuria was founded as an experimental nation for multiethnic integration in Asia, with these ideals OUDO RAKUDO(The Land of Paradise/),GOZOKU KYOWA(Five Ethno Concord/5 nation HAN・MANCHU・MENGGU・JAPAN・KOREA lives and prosperity together) and it referred to the U.S.A. as a model. In addition to these five ethnic peoples, White Russians who disliked the communist regime and escaped from Soviet, Uygur, and other Muslim also resided in Manchuria.                         

As of 1908, the population of Manchuria was 15.83million and eventually increased to 43million by 1931, a year before the foundation of Manchuria. It is said that the population increased to 50million by 1941. The population ratio of 100 women to 123 men points to its status as an immigrant nation.

However they did not enact any citizenship law. There were never any Manchurian “citizens” in any legal sense.

Since Republic of China and People's Republic of China did not accept Manchuria as an officially independent nation, it is sometime called “false Manchuria” in a negative sense.