1995 - 1996

We launched an art guerrilla activity entitled 'Parasite Project' in which we focused on the slight alteration in the ordinary daily life.
In this project,
we attempted to recognize anew the space of the city and a system through causing a slight alteration in the ordinary daily experience.
It started from the street level in 1995 and lasted for about one year.
PARASITE PROJECT is a battle to survive without obeying anything.
We have developed this project on the street and web.
Usually art exhibitions mean that artists present 'art' and people receive it with emotion or philosophy.
This "Parasite Project", however, offers a communication system which both 'artists' and general people can create some works or expressions together.
For this concept, we like to new compact and flexible art exhibition style in a city space.
These days, a city changes its face very quickly therefore our communications must be flexible and speedy.
On this project we use internet, telephone, mail, and other network communications as well.
Everything starts from the street level.