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Keiichi Miyagawa

Artist, Director of AIK and GALLERY SOAP / Kitakyushu, Japan

Miyagawa has been running an artist-run-space called GALLERY SOAP since 1997 in Kitakyushu, Japan and has organized many curatorial projects and music events including The Kitakyushu Biennial, co-curated with Takuji Kogo, he is also running an online-based candy factory project internationally, and Yoshitaka Mouri, sociologist, a professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, and has been organizing another project called “HOTEL ASIA” started in Kitkayushu 2011. And he also have curated solo exhibitions of following artists: Dan Graham (USA), Peter Halley (USA), Philip Horst (Germany), Federico Baronello (Italy), Jesper Alvaer (Norway), candy factory (Japan), Hiroshi Fuji (Japan) and so forth.

Keiichi Miyagawa is also a member of artist collective named SECOND PLANET. His works have been presented at Tokyo University of the Arts 2017, Aichi Triennale 2016, LP Art Space in Chongqing 2016, Bangkok University Gallery 2015, Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong 2014, The Kitakyusuh Biennial 2013, The Taegu Photo Biennial 2012, ZK/U Berlin 2012, Hotel Asia Project at Organhaus Chongqing 2012, Maebashi Media Festival 2012, International Curators Forum YOKOHAMA 2011.