GALLERY SOAP is an artist-run space that was established by remodeling an old Japanese two-storied high house in 1997. Since its inception, it has organized solo and group exhibitions of Japanese and international artists and has also worked on projects outside the gallery space, including commercial spaces, cable television, internet, billboard and streets. We hold experimental music events, film and video screening events and lecture series.

In 2001, we organized a RE/MAP PROJECT, by artist-unit "SECOND PLANET" and Yoshitaka Mori, in collaboration with not only artists, but also with sociologist, musicians, architects, students and others with various backgrounds. We plan to hold music events and sound sources with our music label, "soap_land records", which we established in 2003.
In 2005, we started an online project, ARTONLINE.JP, as a platform for international collaborative contemporary art projects, which is still ongoing.

SOAP has cafe and bar counter, Various discussions occur among the people with drinking tea, beer and cocktail. Not only specialists but also the general people participate freely. It is important that this space is not to become the ghetto of the art people.

An old Japanese house, former Japanese cake factory, with white walls.
The highest part of the ceiling with a large beam is 5m. The space has 3walls that are 3.3 m high. Chairs, sofa and bed were all picked up from the junk yard.
Others: bar counter, audio system for live performances, video projector, etc.

1-8-23 2F Kajimachi, kokurakita-ku, kitakyushu 802-0004, Japan
PhoneE+fax: (81)93-551-5522

Director: Keiichi Miyagawa
Staff: Ryoma Nishiyama, Gen Sasaki, Shinya Mouri