30 March - 26 April 2014 at GALLERY SOAP

Opening: Saturday,29 March, 6pm
Presented by Art Institute Kitakyushu

Yang Shu / 杨述  / ヤン・シュウ / 2014
Title: You release your uncontrollable power; yet trap in the lever-and-gear pitfall you make.

Wang Haichuan / 王海川 / ワン・ハイチュアン / 2013
Title: Photography Lesson / Art education plan / 摄影课,艺术教育计划 / 写真撮影練習:芸術教育計画

Liu Weiwei / 刘伟伟 / リュウ・ウェイウェイ / 2013
Title: Massage Room For Blind / 盲人按摩室 / 目の見えない人のためのマッサージルーム

Yu Guo / 余果 / ユイ・ゴウ / 2013
Title: Red Line / 红线 / レッドライン

Xu Lang / 徐浪 / シュイ・ラン / 2013
Title:Tong Yuanju Mapping Program / 铜元局测绘项目 / トンユワンジュ・マッピングプログラム

Curated by Ni Kun (Organhaus) and Keiichi Miyagawa (GALLERY SOAP)

GALLERY SOAP is proud to present a new exhibition titled “RED LINE”, introducing five Chinese artists, curated by Ni Kun,
a curator of Organhaus in Chongqing, China and Keiichi Miyagawa, a director of GALLERY SOAP in Kitakyushu, Japan.

“RED LINE” will display an array of fragments of contemporary Chinese culture, urbanization, nationalism and economical movement.
It aims to present the documents of ongoing their activities in a rapid changing China.
The video and photographs and other materials feature ongoing activities from
Yang Shu, Wang Haichuan, Liu Weiwei, Yu Guo, XuLang.
These artists have responded to Chinese contemporary culture with their unique perspectives.

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