Gallery SOAP established CD level named "soap_land records" on June 15, 2003. "soap_land records" aims at introducing new Japanese music and art widely.
First cd is organized as a collaborative project by *candy factory including 16 tunes made by visual artists.
@ soap_land records first CD @
produced by candy factory
presented by soap_land records
2003.6.15 on sale /2000yen/us$18

soap_land records


01. NO PLACE (2:30) Takuji KOGO/ 02. FALSE BRIDE (5:20) SCOTTISH TRADITIONAL SONG (the 17th Century) mixed by Takuji KOGO/ 03. NEXUS WORLD. RELEASED (3:09) / 04. NEXUS WORLD MEDLEY (6:53) Ta kuji KOGO featuring Victoria Hi-quality. / 05. MOM, SHE COOKS (1:45) Ola Pehrson / 06. SPIRITUAL_REPOSE (0:24)/ 07. LEAVES&MOSS (0:20) GH.Hovagimyan / 08. MALL OF AMERICA (6:24) / 09. AS SEEN ON TV (3:30) Takuji KOGO / 10. DENNIM GIRL (4:09) John Miller / 11. SPELL ON YOU (JAPANESE)(2:32) Martine Corompt / 12. SPELL ON YOU (ENIGLISH) (2:30) Martine Corompt / 13. POT BOILER (4 :04) John Miller/ 14. BUTTERFLY'S FUNERAL (5:40) John Miller/ 15. ARES ARES EUQ (5:45) Takuji KOGO/ 16. LOST IN SPACE (1:30) Takuji KOGO

Sound tracks for collaborative Art projects

soap_land records 0001

This is a music CD organized as a collaborative project by *candy factory including 16 tunes made by visual artists. 9 tunes made by Takuji KOGO who has been running the *candy factory as a collaborative platform since 1998.
The tunes are mostly made for specific places during web or exhibition projects. For instance fake Advertisement for failed post-modern housing project in JP titled "Nexus World", also fake Advertisement on web for failed globalism in Scotland, re-mixed Scottish traditional song "False Bride", "Mall of America" or "As Seen On TV", these tunes are made from signs for a big shopping mall at Minneapolis published as a web project through "translocations" organized by Steve Dietz from the Walker Art center.
3 tunes by John Miller who is an artist based in NY and Berlin. John Miller participated with his photo series "Middle Of The Day" as a candyfactory web project and produced midi music entitled "Pot Boiler" also published "Denim Girl" for a web project in collaboration with KOGO. And for this CD, he participated with new tune titled "Butterfly's Funeral".
Martine Colompt is an artist based in Melbourne who participated in the "Gloss" project with candyfactory in 2002. For the exhibition at CCP Melbourne , she was inspired by John Carpenter's film "Village Of The Damned" and produced a video clip for her pop music titled "Spell On You"
One clip from G.H.Hovagimyan based in NY who is working on synthetic voices as his digital communication performances. The tune "Spiritual Repose" was made for the candyfactory project "Think The Same" for the Total museum in Korea, singing Japanese toilet as a spiritual repose from " Praise of Shadow " by Junichiro Tanizaki Ola Pehrson is an artist based in Stockholm who joined this project with a sound track "MOM SHE COOKS" for his new project "cookbook" at IASPIS, Stockholm.
Another original member of candyfactory Tetsu Takagi also put his word sketches into synthetic voice performance too "GIRLS".
All tunes or mimic of music are made by visual Artists during collaborative projects with candyfactory and now re-presented for everyday visions.