The 6th Kitakyushu biennale 2001 / Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Atrs


"AT NOON" took part during the 6th Kitakyushu biennale 2001. Everyday at noon (12 o’clock), we had a siren sound for 15 seconds. The sound was played from different loudspeakers in different places like in the airport, in the museum, in the street and fast food restaurants.
"AT NOON" also had a web site, daily asking people on the address-list to "tell me the sight you had at noon today". E-mail or replies by handy-phone mailing system could be seen on the site.

Received "sights" were also attempted "illustrated" locally by photography trying to find the immediate equivalent to the received "sight", to "see" it, and take a photo of it, and send it back to the sender as a photo. (Alternative sightseeing)